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 Winx Club Role Play

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PostSubject: Winx Club Role Play   Winx Club Role Play EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 11:41 pm

Hey guys I wanna start an RP about Winx! If you wanna join fill out this form.

Origin(Fairy, Witch, Specialist)
Status(Princess,Prince, poor cottage girl and stuff like that)
Human form
Fairy,Witch form
Any Weapon that is not magic?!?!

Heres mine-

15(Everyone has to be 15)
Princess of the Planet Accqua
blue eyes,green strapless top,blue jeans mini-skirt,brown fur boots, brown hair is tied in a ponytail with a wave clip
Fairy-cyan colored boots, cold shoulder top,mini-skirt and hair hair is let loose with now blue streaks
Bow and Arrow
Always wears a blue dragon necklace which contains her power to transform, her powers and her ice bow and arrow, also she has a blue dragon birthmark running up her arm and she has a black cat with green eyes called Rio always perched one her shoulder.

Please join,
Winxcat lol!
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Winx Club Role Play
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